Inclusive Sports

Within this program, sports and charity events are held for a wide audience with the participation of people with Down syndrome, their families, professionals working with people with Down syndrome, employees and volunteers of the foundation, and corporate partners.
The projects and activities of this program create ample opportunities for people with Down syndrome to go in for sports. 



The project has been under development since 2015. When the children play football they learn to work in a team, take the initiative, prepare for an independent life, and find new friends. For a child with Down syndrome, football is more than just a game. This is a way to learn how to control your body, interact with others, be concentrated and attentive.

The project is supported by the Faculty of Physical Education of the Russian State Social University, the scientific base of which has been used to develop a methodology for organizing and conducting football trainings for children with Down syndrome, and to create advanced training courses in adaptive physical education for coaches.

Today, special football classes are held in more than twenty cities of Russia.


The project brings together people who are passionate about sports and ready to help people with Down syndrome. At competitions and events, we offer both amateur formats and serious distances. All funds raised during the project go to programs to help people with Down syndrome. The goals of the project are wider than just fundraising — it is the formation of a positive image of a person with Down syndrome, tolerance in society, and the possibility of socialization for people with Down syndrome. 


This is a volunteer fundraising project. An athlete for the good is a person who plays sports and helps others. He sets a sports goal for himself, creates his own page on the project website, and starts a fundraiser. The athlete for the good tells about his goal and charity fundraising wherever possible — in his social media accounts, when meeting friends and other people he knows. All funds raised by the athlete go to programs to help people with Down syndrome. 



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