Formation of a positive attitude towards people with Down syndrome in society

Syndrome of Love Foundation disseminates information about the capabilities, needs and rights of people with Down syndrome, the features of communication with them and their loved ones, while forming an adequate up-to-date understanding of the audience regarding the right place of a person with Down syndrome in society.



On March 21, 2022, on World Down Syndrome Day, the Bazelevs film company in association with Syndrome of Love Foundation presented a cartoon about a boy with Down syndrome “Andryusha’s Diary”. The cartoon was created based on the book “Andryusha’s Diary” by Ekaterina Denisova. While experiencing small joys and anxieties every day, Andryusha remains a sincere, honest and loving boy, and also dear to his family. Despite everything, he perceives all difficulties with optimism. In the simplest and most accessible form, the cartoon helps viewers get rid of many of the myths that accompany Down syndrome.


The project is about how to make information accessible to those people with intellectual disabilities who find it difficult to perceive it in the form we are used to. The project is based on a special “clear language” which allows writing simple and intelligible texts for people with mental health disabilities. Syndrome of Love Foundation promotes this issue in the public space and attracts new project partners. 

Educational online project “Upside-Down Books”, in which famous people and people with Down syndrome read books by popular authors together. The aim of the project is to show the individuality of people with Down syndrome, their preferences in literature and art, and the awareness and motivation of this choice. These statements help fight negative attitudes towards people with this developmental challenge. Such stars as Leonid Parfyonov, Sergey Lukyanenko, Timur Bekmambetov, Ekaterina Shpitsa and others took part in the project together with children with Down syndrome. 



The premiere of a lyrical comedy about the adventures of a theater troupe of actors with Down syndrome took place in March 2020 on Channel 1 and was timed to coincide with World Down Syndrome Day. One of the producers of the film was Dmitry Sergeev, head of Syndrome of Love Foundation Board. The film starred young people with Down syndrome, actors of the inclusive theater.  



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