Dmitry Sergeev is a former AliExpress Russia CEO.


He left office in 2022. His main project today is Syndrome of Love Foundation providing support for people with Down syndrome.

Sergeev graduated from MGIMO and carved out a brilliant business career seizing opportunities provided by valuable knowledge. The Love Syndrome follows the global trend towards development of inclusive education programs designed for people with Down syndrome to live a full quality life. Initiators of the movement welcome assistance of all those who are eager to help and join the efforts to promote this important issue.

Some kindergartens and schools in Russia already offer “open education”. Most of them are located in the capital but dissemination of this practice to regions is only a matter of time. It is already a fact that children with the syndrome can attend educational institutions on an equal basis with their peers and be successful in the general curriculum, which, however, should address their special needs.

«Clear language» is a method of explaining difficult words and expressions to children with the syndrome. It takes into account that many children still grow up in deprivation, robbed of opportunities to develop in a community. Such programs focus on motor skills that really need improvement and also facilitate successful learning in school.

The Love Syndrome Charity Foundation works a lot on raising awareness about “sun” people, which comprises movies and TV programs as well as information in the media revealing different aspects of their lives.

Dmitry Sergeev is one of initiators of the information campaign conducted in our country annually on the World Down Syndrome Day. In particular, Dmitry acted as a producer of Eat an Elephant movie and Andryusha’s Diary cartoon. They describe in detail the difficulties that people with the syndrome face. At the same time, they show their vision of the world that is very similar to ours. “People are like everyone else” is the message formed on the basis of real stories of those who are commonly called “children of the Sun”.

The Love Syndrome Foundation puts in a lot of efforts to ensure that children with Down syndrome are included in our society from an early age. However, adults are not forgotten either. Employment, sport and art programs are aimed at engagement of people with the syndrome in various activities giving them a chance for self-realization.

The Love Syndrome Foundation actively cooperates with the Downside Up International Charitable Foundation. This makes it possible to select the most effective international practices of inclusion that have already helped people all over the world to integrate and become part of society, find a job and start a family.

Dmitry Sergeev’s daughter also has Down syndrome but he is convinced that people like his daughter will soon be able to become full members of our society, get away from stigmatization and live a fruitful life.